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Celtic Christianity took root in the most fertile soil, lovingly prepared by the Irish druids at Glaston, in the early first century anno domini.

In the place which was to become Britain's foremost ecclesiastical centre (Glastonbury Abbey), a circular shrine was built to house the sacred vessel through which the divine christos enters the earthly world.

A similar wooden shrine was built and dedicated to Maria Magdalena, the feminine aspect of the christos, on the sacred hill which is now known as Bride's Mound.



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No claim is made to the historical accuracy of any information contained in this website prior to the Synod of Whitby in 664 AD. Following that occasion all such information was consigned to the realm of legend.

Bride's Mound, Beckery, to the west of Glastonbury, Somerset, is an ancient shrine and burial ground and, as such, is a place for quiet, reflective pilgrimage. The mound, and the field to the south of it, is owned by the Somerset County Council. The ridgefield to the west, which includes the traditional site of Bride's Well (now buried), is owned by Friends of Bride's Mound Ltd. and the fields to the east and north are owned by Wessex Water. There is currently no access from the east.


The alignment of Chalice Hill, Bride's Mound and ridge - against the background of the Tor and Wearyall Hill


This website is dedicated - with deep respect - to Zérocq (Rock) David (martyred July 9th) for whom Bride's mound held extra-special meaning, to Abbot Bp. Richard Whiting (martyred November 15th), Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP) and to all their fellow "warriors against tyranny" on the other side.



Unless otherwise credited, all text is by Philip David, a Bard of Glastonbury (initiated by the Chief Bard and the two, presiding Archdruids of the Glastonbury Order of Druids, 2006) and an ordained acolyte of the Old Catholic Church (2008).




"Christ is my druid" - Saint Colmcille, 555 AD