Events Calendar 2008





Tuesday, December 9th: Conception of the Theotokos by Anna



Anna is a Celtic saint, having come from Brittany to wed Joachim, the elder brother of Joseph of Arimathea according to the Talmud. Her Irish name is Anu or Dana, goddess of the Tuatha dé Danann.

Seven lights from the perpetual Brighid-Avalon flame are lit on the mound at noon, following mass at Glastonbury Abbey, in honour of the Great Mystery of the Conception of the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven.




Wednesday, October 29th: Celtic New Year begins


6.59 am. The first sunrise of the Samhuin lunar cycle. Glastonbury Tor.


After almost fourteen centuries of banishment by the Roman church, the Celtic "Lord of Light," Gwynn ap Nudd, returns in full glory.

At Bride's mound, wood from the tree of re-memberance is used to light the perpetual Brighid/Avalon flame in Falias (north) as a spear of light strikes in Gorias (south).
    During the next fifteen days there will be many celebrations including the opening of Gwynn's well, the White Spring, at the foot of the Tor.    



Tuesday, August 19th: Feast of St Sarah, - handmaid of Maria Magdalena / patron of gypsies and travellers

Mass at Glastonbury Abbey, 10.30 am. - Admission free.

The influence of Gwyn ap Nudd, Lord of Light and ruler of the dark half of the year, now begins to surpass that of his counterpart, Gwythyr, ruler of the summer months.





Sunday, August 17th: Lugh's Wedding

Celebrated shortly after 6.00 am, when the full, setting moon and the rising sun sit equally above their horizons, almost opposite one another.

This year's Bridie doll was made and kindly donated by anthroposophist and Bard of Caer Abiri, Amanda Gazidis.

See previous years for the meaning of this event, or contact us for more details.



Thrsday, August 14th: Octave of the Transfiguration, - research field trip to Gloucester



The legend of the Knights of the Round Table riding the Beckery salmon to Gloucester appears to have its origin in the earliest known tale of King Arthur - the story of Culhwch and Olwen, in the Mabinogion. Sir Kay and Sir Bedivere are sent by Arthur, to lead a band of warriors, to successfully free Mabon ap Modron (a Welsh, druid variant of the Christos) from "a watery dungeon in Gloucester." The present-day prison still lies between the site of the ancient castle mound and the River Severn - on the liminal threshold between fresh and salt water which is significant both to the salmon and to Bridget.





Tuesday, July 22nd: Feast of Maria Magdalena

Mass at Glastonbury Abbey (10.30 am.) following the offering of incense and Homage to Our Lady;- admission free. Installation of the icon and veneration at her shrine on the summit of Bride's Mound, during the afternoon, without ceremony - just sharing her presence, our stories and experiences, some water and wine...

The six, as the Twelve, reveal the One as two and the two as one; - and the spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"



Sunday May 4th: Bealtaine sunrise, 5.36 am BST

Midway between Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice, when the sun rises at az. 62.8º down the Michael/Mary line.



Thursday May 1st: Mayday / Ascension Day




Friday April 25th: Orthodox Holy Friday

Had the outcome of the Synod of Whitby been different, and the Celtic church prevailed, we would be celebrating Pascha/Easter this weekend. Seems like an appropriate time to offer last year's Lughnassadh Bridie doll (aka corn dolly), and its grains of wheat, back to the earth. Sunset: 8.24 pm BST.



Thursday March 20th: Vernal Equinox, 5.48 am.

At twilight, twenty-five minutes before sunrise which makes Wednesday night almost exactly equal in length, this is a very special time to honour Brìghde who is the point of balance between all polarities. The almost full-moon is visible throughout the night and during sunrise.



Saturday March 15th: Feast of St Aristobulus, - Apostle of Britain (1st century)

Contemporary of Joseph of Arimathea, and often identified with him, Aristobulus was one of the seventy ordained by Saint Paul - as First Bishop to the Britons. He would certainly have encountered the druids at Beckery and may well have been responsible for the first shrine to Mary Magdalene there. Mass at Glastonbury Abbey, 10.30 am. (Coptic, - Liturgy of St. James in English).



Sunday March 2nd: Mothering Sunday. Glastonbury Abbey

The fourth Sunday of Lent. Traditionally when pilgrims would travel to their "mother church" - from which their own parish church was governed. Since the chapel at Bride's Mound came under the jurisdiction of the abbey, pilgrimage to the Ealde Churche honours this tradition. The original dedication of the ancient shrine to the Mother of God gives this occasion deeper meaning.



Saturday March 1st: Saint David of Minevia (d. ca 588)

Saint David was to build the first abbey church at Glastonbury, immediately to the east of the original Ecclesia Vetusta said to have been built by Joseph of Arimathea. The new chapel housed a great sapphire altar stone - given to the Celtic St David by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem and which remained one of the abbey's most sacred treasures until it was looted by Henry VIII in 1539. Synonymous with the Holy Grail, the actual sapphire is said to have ascended into the etheric plane to remain at the abbey, while the physical relic is rumoured to be one of the crown jewels kept at the Tower of London.



Saturday February 2nd: Candlemas

Third anniversary of the perpetual Brighid/Avalon flame. Traditionally, the day that candles are blessed for use during the coming year. The presentation in the temple signifies the joining of the soul with the spirit.


Friday February 1st: Feast of St Brìghde (d. 523)

Commemoration of the saint's transition into paradise, and also that of the second abbess of Kildare, St Darlugdach (c 524).


Tuesday January 22nd: Celebration of Imbolc

On the full moon closest to the mid-point between solstice and equinox (February 4th) - the traditional time for Celtic, cross-quarter rites. This year participants celebrate independently, yet in harmony - together with the Company of Avalon who are particularly active at this time in restoring Glaston's Glory.


Sunday January 6th: Theophany

Pilgrimage to the Parish Church of St John of Kronstadt, Bath, where a tiny relic of St. Mary Magdalene is kept. The liturgy, and the great blessing of the waters, is followed by the planting of the tree of re-memberance - dedicated at this time last year.