Events Calendar 2009

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Saturday December 19th: Pilgrimage to the Monastery of St Ibhair (Ivor), Begerin, Wexford



Saint Brìghde, and other Celtic saints, sailed from here to Inis Wytryn after being exiled by St Patrick, the first (Roman) Bishop of Armagh. The present-day chapel of "St Iberius" (the Latinised form of Ibhair) stands on the site of an oratory, built by Saint Ibhair, adjacent to the ancient moorings of Wexford Harbour (Loch Garman).


Beg-Erin Island. 1841 O.S. map



Monday November 30th: Feast of Saint Andrew, the First-called


1.00 pm. Mass at Andrewsey - gateway to the Twelve Hides sanctuary.




Saturday November 28th: Dismissal of the Angels - St Margaret's Chapel

The Mary Magdelene Shrine, at St Margaret's, closes today for an unspecified period. A Convocation of Angels takes place at the White Spring tomorrow, and those who wish to pay homage to Maria Magdelene may still do so at her original shrine on Bride's Mound.


Saturday November 14th: Silent Vigil to re-member Blessed Richard Whyting

Those who are unable to stay awake all night are asked to burn a candle of re-memberance, for the last abbot of Glastonbury, from sunset to sunrise (4.24 pm - 7.28 am UT).

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England's green & pleasant land.

WILLIAM BLAKE (1757 – 1827)


Wednesday November 11th, 11.11 am: Martinmas / Armistice Day


Following the two-minute silence, giving thanks for the silencing of the weapons of war and the victory of the light over darkness, Saint Martin's mass is said on the site of the ancient chapel behind the old farmhouse at Martinsey.



Monday November 2nd: Samhain full moon - the Wild Hunt

Gwyn ap Nudd (aka. Fionn) leads the Wild Hunt out from the Tor to capture, and immobilise, all demons that have escaped from the underworld.

Fire, at the eggstone, to be lit around sunset.


Tuesday September 29th: Michaelmas

A special Saint Michael icon is blessed by one of the abbey parishes' priests during mass at the abbey, 10.30 am.


Monday September 21st: Glastonbury/Patmos Twinning

The icon of Saint Joseph of Arimathea is presented to the dignitaries from Greece for the Monastery of Ioannis Theologou (John the Theologian), as a gift from Glastonbury to Patmos on the occasion of their twinning in perpetuity.


Tuesday September 8th: The Nativity of Our Lady of Glastonbury

The date of the traditional Glastonbury Pilgrimage.

Mass at the abbey: 10.30 am.




Icon of Our Lady of Glastonbury written by Archimandrite Fr David of St Seraphim's, Walsingham. (reproduced by kind permission of the commissioners)




Wednesday August 5th: Lugh Nasad (Lugh's Wedding)

Following an attunement at the White Spring in preparation for the rite, followed by liturgical chants in the chapel of Ss Margaret and Mary Magdalene, the sacred fire celebration takes place on the summit of the Tor after midnight, at full moon. The Christian druids, Phagan and Dyfan, built the first wattle shrine to Lugh / el Micha on this spot on the Tor in the second century.


Lugh's altar at the White Spring





Sunday July 26th: Feast of Saint Anna (Anu)

Mass at Godney Chapel, 11.00 am.


Wednesday July 22nd: Feast of Maria Magdalena




Total solar eclipse, during vigil, at 3.35 UT (3.35 am BST).





Saturday July 4th:

Pilgrimage to the Abbey of Saint Hildegard, Eibingen-on-Rhein

A through-composed mass, sung by forty resident sisters of the abbey at 7.30 am., is followed by a visit to the composer's relics in the chancel of the parish church which was built on the site of the original abbey in the village. Saint Hildegard gives her patronage to Glastonbury as the patroness of sacred music and herbalists.





Saturday June 20th:

Pilgrimage to the eleventh century chapel of St Brigid, Paderborn





Sunday June 7th:



Trinity Sunday at the chapel of the Most Holy Trinity, Godney

A ten-year prohibition of public worship, at Beckery's sister chapel on Godney Island, has recently expired. The first mass, since the chapel was abandoned, is said today at 2.00 pm.



Sunday May 10th: Pilgrimage to St Bridget's Chapel, Brean

The most practical route for the Irish Celts to have taken to Glastonbury would have been to sight land at St David's Head, taking shelter in St Bride's Bay, and then by following the coast eastward to Brean Down - just across the Severn estuary. Here the present, thirteenth century chapel dedicated to St Bridget stands close to the mouth of the River Axe, into which the River Brue once flowed from Inis Wytryn, which would have taken the travelers to their destination landing at Beckery. St Bridget's Chapel, Brean, is said to have been founded in the sixth century. St Brighid left her body in about 525 AD and therefore could well have been the founder herself.


Saturday May 9th: Bealtaine rites - Wirral Hill

It is an ancient, Irish tradition to celebrate the cross-quarters at the full moon closest to the mid-point between equinox and solstice. From the summit of Wirral Hill today's full moon coincides with it's setting, at 5.01 am BST, when last year's Bridie Doll (corn dolly) is cast back to the earth to feed this year's new vegetation.


Friday, March 20th: Spring Equinox / Feast of Saint Cuthbert

On the day of Brìghde, she comes out of the hollow hills as a serpent. As I do no harm to the serpent, so she does no harm unto me. Carmina Gadelica, 70.

11.00 am. Mass in St Brigid's Chapel (site). Probably the first time that mass has been said, within the chapel itself, since the dissolution in 1539. Three hawks soar, in a circle over the north field, as the consecrated elements are exposed on the altar. Following this, a biodynamic preparation - BD 501 - is potentised and sprayed on, and around, Bride's Mound.


Tuesday, March 17th: Feast of Saint Patrick the younger




Mass at Glastonbury Abbey 10.30 am.



Sunday, February 22nd

Three ash and two oak trees, kindly donated by a Welsh order of druids, were planted today in the chapel field. Although the land owners, the SWRDA, have since stated that they have no objection, three more of the donated trees remain unplanted due to intense opposition from Friends of Bride's Mound Ltd.


Monday, February 16th: Imbog window closes

The sun rising at azimuth 109° - the mid-point between it's winter solstice and spring equinox rising positions.


Sunday, February 8th: Traditional celebration of Imbolg rites the full moon closest to mid-point between solstice and equinox. Moonrise 3.54 pm. - sunset 5.14 pm.


Wednesday, February 4th: Imbolg begins

The first sunrise, after the mid-point between solstice and equinox, occurs at 7.45 am, 115.5° Az.


Sunday, February 1st: Feast of Saint Brighid


Sunrise: 7.50 am at 117.1° Az. - A new Saint Brigid icon is installed.

At noon the perpetual Brighid/Avalon flame is taken to Avebury, at the request of the Bards of Caer Abiri, to grace the gorsedd there.





Thursday, January 29th: Feast of Saint Gildas

Pilgrimage walk, in the footsteps of St Gildas, from his early sixth century hermitage (which he dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity - now Holy Trinity, Street) along the Roman road, which he certainly would have used himself, to Glastonbury Abbey. 11.00 am.



Tuesday, January 6th: Theophany/Epiphany; the Baptism in the River Jordan

At noon the summit of Bride's Mound, the site of Saint Brighid's Chapel and Maria Magdalena's Shrine, is sprinkled with water from Gwynn's White Spring for the first time since it was opened at Samhuin, 2008. The annual Blessing of the Water takes place at Glastonbury Abbey's regular Tuesday mass at 10.00 am.