Events Calendar 2011

"Glastonbury's finest hour... seemed a very powerful equilibration of Britain's pagan and Christian heritage. When it mattered, they functioned from a space of unity." Paul Weston. Mysterium Artorius, pp 112-3.



Thursday, December 8th: Conception of the Theotokos



In the ancient church, vigil commences at sunset today.

Joseph of Arimathea's older brother, Joachim, and the Breton Anna (Anu/Dana in Ireland), conceive the Virgin Mary in divine union.

Celebrations take place at The Hermitage in the valley between the Tor and Chalice Hill, upon which Saint Bride's chapel is aligned and where Anna is said to have spent her later years.










Sunday November 20th: Feast of Saint Hugh (day 5)


According to Frederick Bligh Bond, after building England's great Carthusian house at Witham Friary and before his appointment as Bishop of Lincoln the master-architect, Hugh of Avallon (in Burgundy), helped to design and build Glastonbury's Lady Chapel following the great fire of 1184. In his "City of Revelation" (1971) John Michell explores the sacred geometric principles underlying this design of this remarkable structure.

Mass at Witham Friary 9.15 am.




Saturday November 19th: Opening of the Chapel of St Mary Magdelene & St Margaret



After being closed for eight months for renovations the chapel complex which housed the Magdalen Shrine reopens, for one day only, from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. No decision has yet been made to reinstall the shrine but a beautiful re-dedication and consecration to the Divine Union/Sacred Marriage was celebrated, in the chapel, during the eleventh hour.

The chapel is now open for private functions but regrettably remains closed for the general public.




September 16th - 18th: Mary Magdelene weekend retreat & workshops


Hosted by Sharon Prince at the Shambhala Spritual Retreat Centre, the real presence of Mary Magdelene in Glastonbury is explored and her desire for full union with her beloved is revealed to be manifest in the sacred landscape, and associated legends, of Bride's Mound, Wirral Hill and the meeting of the Red and White Springs.






Monday September 12th: Feast of the Watching of the Rose Miraculous



Vigil at Godney chapel.

This tradition originates with Bligh Bond's Glastonbury Scripts No. 6.





September 8th - 12th: Feast of The Nativity of Our Lady of Glastonbury


The traditional Glastonbury Pilgrimage.


Thursday 8th, 11.00 am: Mass in the Lady Chapel at the abbey. All are welcome.

Friday 9th, 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm. A special, floodlit Night at the Abbey event is celebrated with food, the abbey's own cider and candlelit, devotional Taizé singing in the Lady Chapel.







August 15th - 23rd: The Assumption of Our Lady of Glastonbury


Since this event was thought to have occurred at the site of the Lady Chapel, the Dormition/assumption became the primary liturgical feast at the abbey.

Mass at the Wells Road Cemetery Chapel on Sunday 21st.






Saturday August 6th: Feast of the Transfiguration


Godney Chapel is open from 10.00 am. to 5.00 pm. The contents of the Magdelene Shrine remain here while the renovations on Magdelene Street continue.






The County Council's mowers are driven recklessly across the chapel site, totally destroying the two altars. Their destruction of Bride's Mound, on the physical plane, is now complete.





Friday July 22nd: Feast of Saint Maria Magdelena

Chevetogne fresco


Godney chapel is open from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm for silent meditation in the tradition of the Magdelen Shrine room. The contents of the Magdelen Shrine are displayed here while renovations continue at Magdelene Street.

It is also open from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm for silent vigil on the evening of Thursday the 21st.




  Wednesday June 29th: Pilgrimage to Brigida-bron, Norbeek, Netherlands  



A most powerful healing well in the village of Norbeek where a devastaing cattle disease was eradicated through prayers to Sint Brigida in the seventeenth century.






  Sunday June 19th: Feast of the Most Holy Trinity  


This, the most fundamental of Christian beliefs, predates Christianity by at least four hundred years.

The chapel of the Holy Trinity, Godney, is open from 7.30 -10.00 pm, for vigil on the preceeding evening, and all afternoon on the 19th. Mass at the Wells Road Cemetery Chapel at 10.30 am.





Sunday May 8th: Bealtaine/Feast of Saint John the Theologian


The traditional, Celtic cross-quarter coincides with one of the feasts of John the Theologian celebrated on Patmos. Work-party celebration at Godney Chapel.



Mysterious figurine of Saint John from the Bishop's Palace, Wells


  Monday April 25th: Pilgrimage to Lammana Priory  


Once a holding of Glastonbury Abbey as an annexe to the Twelve Hides, legend holds this to be the landing site for Joseph of Arimathea and his great-nephew, Íosa, upon their arrival in Britain.



  Monday April 18th: Celtic Easter  

The first full moon after the Vernal Equinox.




Friday April 15th: Feast of Saint Padan


11.00 am mass at the foot of Panborough Hill, where another one of the seven island chapels, belonging to Glastonbury Abbey, once stood.


  Saturday March 26th: Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel  

The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene - workshop with channeler Sharon Prince at the Daisy Centre, Glastonbury. 1.30 - 4.30 pm. £20.



  Thursday March 24th: Leavetaking of the Feast of Joseph of Arimathea  

Three days after the first report of new shoots appearing on the stump of the Holy Thorn, which had been cut down last December, a celebration of life is held at the tree on Wirral Hill during the hour before sunset.



  Tuesday March 1st: Saint David's Day  

Saint David of Minevia, who built the first chancel at Glastonbury, is honoured today at the sacred oak which has magnificently survived the recent, final clearing of scrub from the chapel field.

(UPDATE: Three days after this entry was made, the County Council removed this last remaining oak from Bride's Mound).



  Friday February 4th: Imbolc begins  

The Magdalen Shrine altar on Bride's Mound is anointed and rededicated following the looting of offerings, and removal of the icon, during the modern, annual Saint Bridget day gathering in the cemetery. A copy of the icon is reinstalled and those who were martyred in Egypt over the past two days are honoured at the tree of re-memberance.




Tuesday February 1st: Là Fhèill Brìghde/Candlemas vigil



Sung vespers at Godney Chapel at 7.00 pm. The perpetual Brighid/Avalon flame begins it's seventh year.



  Sunday January 9th: Great Blessing of the Waters  
  The annual event takes place in the presence of the relic of Mary Magdalene at the chapel of Saint John of Kronstadt, Bath, Somerset.  



Thursday January 6th: Theophany