Events Calendar 2012


Victory for the Light!



Thursday, December 20th:



Pilgrimage to Faughart, Co. Louth - Saint Brigid's birthplace and shrine.







Wednesday, December 19th: Pilgrimage to Saint Brigid's abbey, Kildare.


Conjectural reconstruction of Saint Brigid's monastery, c.500 AD, after she had been inspired, through her encounter with Mary Magdalene at Beckery, to create the dual monastery in honour of the Divine Union. The women's quarters, which featured the fire-temple in the hut on the right, were on the north side while the men's were to the south.



The fire-temple today - north of the nave of the restored, Norman cathedral.




Friday October 19th: Public meeting of the Glastonbury Antiquarian Society



In his post-presentation Q & A session, Somerset county archaeologist, Robert ("Bob") Croft, was asked why his mowers had repeatedly destroyed the shrines on Bride's Mound after he had given permission for them to be there. He said that shrines are temporary structures by nature, and we should expect that they could disappear at any time.






Tuesday October 16th: At the Morlands site, Beckery


The beautiful, pure, recently discovered Saint Bride's well, near the entrance to the Red Brick Building which was designed by John Morland to align perfectly with the Saint Brigid day sunrise, is filled in. Only the top two layers of the exquisite, historic stonework were destroyed however, leaving the possibility of future uncovering. Archaeologist, Nancy Hollingrake, confirms that the well is probably older than the building, due to its stone lining. One of the sacred hazel trees by the well was rescued from the jaws of the beast and awaits the offer of a new site.





Saturday September 29th: Michaelmas



Saint Michael's, Shepton Mallet, is annexed to Our Lady Saint Mary's of Glastonbury, having previously been under the jurisdiction of Wells.







Friday September 14th. 2.00 pm:



After the long, dark summer of attempted mass-indoctrination of Britain, during which all the main flamekeeper's candles went out, the perpetual Brighid/Avalon flame returns to Glastonbury, having been protected elsewhere, with a small ceremony at the White Spring.







Thursday, February 2nd: Candlemas



Mass, and the annual Blessing of the Candles, is celebrated at The Hermitage, on Wellhouse Lane, at 12.30 pm.







Wednesday, February 1st: Saint Brigid's Day


The Monk's Gate entrance to Chalice Well Gardens is opened for free passage to all from 11.00 am. until noon, symbolising the sacred union of the Red and White Springs at the place where they once joined. At noon, the icon of Naomh Brid of Beckery is translated in procession from Monk's Gate to Bride's Mound, via Wirral Hill.







Bringing in Candlemas at sunset, the site of Saint Brighid's Chapel is outlined with dozens of candles lit from the perpetual Brighid-Avalon flame on its seventh anniversary - while the sacred fire burns at the threshold.





Saturday, January 7th: Old Christmas/flowering of the Holy Thorn



Today is December 25th in the Julian calendar - the day when the Birth of Christ would have been celebrated at Glastonbury Abbey.

Celebration at The Hermitage on Wellhouse Lane.