Events Calendar 2013




Sunday, February 3rd: Imbolc



The traditional, Celtic, cross-quarter fire festival of Imbolc begins today after sunset - 11.05 pm UT being the mid-point betweeen solstice and equinox - and is celebrated for thirteen days.







Friday, February 1st: Saint Brighid's Day



Taizé singing at the altar of Saint Joseph's chapel, Glastonbury Abbey, with the new Brighid flame. 11.00 am.







Thursday, January 31st: Saint Brighid's Eve



This evening, a new flame is kindled and dedicated to Saint Brighid of Kildare who visited Beckery in 488 AD. Upon her return to Ireland in 492 she converted her nunnery into the first dual-monastery, with an equal number of men and women, as a result of her experience of the divine partnership of Jesus and Maria Magdelena.